Wendy Beallor

Licensed Acupuncturist


     Wendy Beallor, L.Ac. 25 Years in Practice

  1. Board Certified in Acupuncture Orthopedics

  2. Director, National Sports Acupuncture Association

  3. Qualified Medical Evaluator, Workers' Comp Appeals Board

  4. Metro Gold Award Winner - Six years in a row

  5. Best Acupuncturist, Good Times of Santa Cruz

  6.      Acupuncture without needles upon request

    Acupuncture Care Center

     Pain Relief

  1. Neck, back, joint pain, nerve pain, arthritis, tendonitis

  2. Headache, migraine, sciatica, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel

  3. Knees, shoulders, hips, wrists, foot pain, plantar fasciitis

  4. Sports injury, sprains, strains, rotator cuff, running injuries

     Women's Health & Hormones

  1. Fertility, PMS, pregnancy, morning sickness, menopause

     Family Health Care

  1. Allergy, asthma, cold, flu, sinus, anxiety, depression

  2. Digestion, acid reflux, colitis, IBS, cystitis, prostatitis

     21st Century Conditions

  1. Autoimmune disease, Chronic fatigue syndrome

  2. Stress, Adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, Thyroid disorder

  3. Blood sugar imbalance, diabetes, hypoglycemia

  4. Side effects of medication, radiation and chemotherapy


Insurance billed for you

Anthem Blue Cross accepted

Auto accident / Workers' Comp

Se Habla Espanol


Serving Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Santa Clara counties
3010 Santa Fe Court, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Near 30th & Brommer
Mail to: wendy@acucruz.com